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JOHNNY TOOMEY was the ring name of Philip John Carlin Jr., one of the three brothers from Camden NJ who fought under the surname Toomey, the others being his older half-brothers Daniel "Danny" Toomey and William "Billy" Toomey. Another brother, Jake Carlin, fought as an amateur, and apparently the Toomey boys' father had also fought professionally.

He was born on July 23rd, 1914 in Camden NJ to Philip J. and Bertha Carlin. His early years were spent at 53 South 26th Street in East Camden. By 1924 the family had moved to 70 South 24th Street. During these years his father worked as a pipefitter and as a steamfitter. The April 1930 Census found the family at 101 South 33rd Street. Besides the four boys mentioned above, there were also two daughters, Mary and Clara Carlin. Philip J. Carlin Sr. died in 1936.

Following his older brothers into both the Navy and professional boxing, young Carlin, under the name Johnny Toomey reportedly fought 134 times during an eleven year period. He served in the United States Navy prior to World War II, then returned to civilian life and professional boxing. His last known fight came in 1945 after a four year layoff, as he had returned to the US Navy during World War II. 

Last a resident of 417 Vine Street in North Camden, Philip J. "Johnny Toomey" Carlin suffered a fatal heart attack on October 6, 1953 at the Ridgway Hotel, which stood on the southwest corner of Front and Market Streets in Camden NJ, opposite the old Pennsylvania Railroad Ferry. He was buried at Arlington Cemetery in Pennsauken NJ, near his mother, who survived him, as did his brothers, and a sister, Mrs. Mary Hines. He also left a son, Jackie Carlin, and a daughter, Miss Phyllis Carlin.

Camden Courier-Post
December 11, 1930

Joseph Keefe
John Toomey
Paul Thompson
Federal Street
South 33rd Street
North 26th Street

A Johnny Toomey Contract Signing
Johnny Toomey is seated at far left



1933 or 1934 news articles,
probably from Newark NJ




Johnny Toomey's Boxing Record
(as best known as of March 30, 2018 )

Johnny Toomey

Sex Male
Nationality US American
Hometown Camden, NJ
Division Welterweight
  W 3 (1 ko's)  |  L 20  |  D 1  |  Total 23  
date opponent wld location
1945-11-15 George Hill 3-0-0 Metropolitan Opera House, Philadelphia, PA L KO 3 0
1940-10-18 Mayon Padlo 26-4-2 Atlantic City, NJ L KO 2 0
1940-06-17 Steve Gacha 4-5-0 Rocky Glen Bowl, Scranton, PA L PTS 8 0
1938-07-05 Maxie Fisher 44-11-3 Adelphia Athletic Arena, Elizabeth, NJ L TKO 4 0
1937-09-05 George Daly 91-20-13 Long Branch, NJ L TKO 2 10
1937-08-18 Pete Galiano 10-5-2 Philadelphia, PA L KO 4 0
1937-03-01 Eddie Cool 80-23-10 Camden, NJ L PTS 10 10
1937-02-13 Lew Kirsch 42-2-1 Mecca Sports Arena, New York, NY L KO 2 8
1937-01-15 Sammy Julian 10-4-1 Henderson's Arena, Flatbush, NY L KO 2 8
1936-10-27 Salvy Saban 37-2-0 Broadway Arena, Brooklyn, NY L KO 5 8
1936-08-10 Norman Snow 65-21-6 Meadowbrook Field, Newark, NJ L TKO 5 10
1936-06-08 Aldo Spoldi 34-15-4 St. Nicholas Palace, New York, NY L KO 3 0
1936-04-20 Lew Feldman 74-27-11 Laurel Garden, Newark, NJ L PTS 10 10
1936-02-01 Billy Beauhuld 5-0-0 L PTS 8 8
Exact date and location unknown.
1936-01-13 Maxie Fisher 35-2-0 Laurel Garden, Newark, NJ L PTS 10 10
1935-12-30 Jerry Paul 2-7-3 Laurel Garden, Newark, NJ W PTS 8 8
1935-11-11 Al Singer 63-9-2 Newark, NJ L TKO 5 0
1935-05-13 Nick Laiko 0-0-0 Laurel Garden, Newark, NJ KO 2 0
1935-03-25 Jimmy Brady 0-5-1 Laurel Garden, Newark, NJ L PTS 8 8
1935-02-11 Jimmy Brady 0-5-0 Laurel Garden, Newark, NJ D PTS 10 10
1934-12-10 George Levy 3-0-0 Newark, NJ L KO 5 0
1933-11-15 Maxie Fisher 26-0-0 L PTS 8 8
Exact date and location unknown.
1933-06-01 Maxie Fisher 22-0-0 L PTS 6 6
Exact date and location unknown.
Joie Woods W PTS 6 6
Exact date and location unknown.

Boxing Record from and from newspaper clippings

Bridgewater Courier-News
July 15, 1936

Joey Straiges - Billy Mariner
Johnny Toomey - Joe Allen
Freddy Lewis - Joe Duca
Billy Ketchell -
Jersey Joe Walcott
Tommy Ricco - Jimmy Russell

At Sea with the United States Navy

At Sea
with the
United States Navy






Phil "Johnny Toomey" Carlin's grave at Arlington Cemetery, Pennsauken, NJ

Phil "Johnny Toomey" Carlin's parent's graves at Arlington Cemetery, Pennsauken, NJ