WALTER W. BROWNING was born on December 1, 1866 to Jacob and Rebecca Browning. His early years were spent in Camden, where his father was a ferry boat pilot. The 1880 Census shows the family living at 403 Bridge Avenue, a few doors away from Camden Fire Department member Benjamin L. Kellum. By 1882 the family was living at 571 Carman Street. They were still at that address into the mid 1890s. Walter W. Browning worked as a painter in these years, until appointed to the Fire Department in 1890.

Walter W. Browning joined the Camden Fire Department on June 1, 1890 as a charter member of Engine Company 4. Engine Company 4 was organized on June 1, 1890 at 320 Vine Street in North Camden, with a two-hitch, second class Button steam engine and a one-hitch Button hose carriage. The charter members were as follows; Company Foreman, Amadee Middleton; engineer, Francis Turner; stoker C. Barney Harvey; driver, Edward Hartman; and hosemen Walter W. Browning and Charles Berry

Walter Browning lived at 571 Carman Street with his parents into 1893. City Directories shows him living at 593 Bridge Avenue in 1894 and 1895, at 18 Haddon Avenue in 1896, at 215 Broadway in 1897 and at 334 Vine Street in 1898.

The 1899 City Directory shows that Walter W. Browing had returned to Carman Street. His address in that year;s Directory was 588 Carman Street. By the time the Census was taken in 1900 he had moved to 592 Carman Street

Walter W. Browning lived his wife Laura and son Howard at 592 Carman Street from 1900 until his retirement from the Fire Department on a pension in 1929. When he retired, Walter Browning had risen to the rank of battalion chief within the Fire Department.

After he retired, Walter Browning moved to Tuckahoe NJ. He and his wife would spend the winters in St. Petersburg FL. Walter Browning passed away on January 16, 1938.  He was survived by his son, sister Mrs. Mary Zander, nephew Harry Zander, also a Camden fireman. He was also survived by his brother, John Browning, who had retired as the Superintendent of Streets for the city of Camden.

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