THOMAS F. GIBBONS was born in New Jersey around 1901. He appears in the 1920 Census at 721 Elm Street in North Camden, where he lived with his mother Mary and step-father Samuel Phillips. Thomas F. Gibbons was then working as an apprentice in one of Camden's shipyards. The family was still at 721 Elm Street when the 1924 City Directory was compiled.

Thomas Gibbons married his wife Estella around 1925. The 1927 City Directory shows him still living at 721 Elm Street, working as a brakeman.

Thomas F. Gibbons was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on April 4, 1928. The 1929 City Directory gives his address as 605 Birch Street, The 1930 Census shows him living with his wife Estella and infant daughter Mary at 424 Vine Street. He was still at that address as late as 1931.I

On July 1, 1933 Thomas Gibbons was transferred to Ladder Company 2 at 619 Kaighn Avenue. On April 12, 1933 Thomas F. Gibbons broke his ankle while fighting a fire at 412 Kaighn Avenue. He attempted to return to work in December of 1934, but was excused from duty due to his injuries after one week. Thomas F. Gibbons was still on the books at Ladder Company 2 at the end of 1934, but apparently never did return to active service with the Camden Fire Department. By 1940 Thomas Gibbons and family had left Camden, and had moved to Atlantic City, New Jersey. They were still in Atlantic City as late as 1955. He was then working as a janitor at the Guarantee Bank and Trust in Atlantic City.,

Camden Courier-Post - April 4, 1928


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