LODAY W. WILSON is recorded as having served as an extra man with the Camden Fire Department's Hook & Ladder Company. He was appointed on April 8, 1876 replacing Frank Turner. He served for one year, being replaced in turn by Amedee S. Middleton in April of 1877. He is recorded as having worked as a engineer and at the time was living at 519 Benson Street

LODAY W. WILSON was born in Pennsylvania in May of 1849, according to the 1900 Census. He appears in the Census of 1850 as Ludwick Wilson and the Census if 1860 as Lodiwick Wilson, living in South Philadelphia, the son of Levi and the former Mary A. Ware. His father was a ship carpenter and there were four older children at home when the Census was taken in 1850. Three younger siblings were living with the Wilsons at the time of the 1860 Census. He apparently didn't like the name "Ludwick", as he appears as Loday Wilson in Census, City Directories, and Camden Fire Department records throughout his adult life.

Loday Wilson came to Camden in the 1860s. He married Mary Griffee, the daughter of Thomas and Rebecca Griffee, around 1866. Thomas Griffee was a charcoal dealer, and Loday Wilson worked for him driving a charcoal wagon. The Wilsons had one child by the time of the 1870 Census, a daughter, Mary Ann "Ann", born around 1868. Two more daughter followed soon after, Rebecca, late in 1870 and Ida, around 1871. Another daughter, Ella was born in 1877. Sadly, Mary Griffee Wilson died May 19, 1877. She was buried at what was known in later years as Old Camden Cemetery.

As stated above, Loday Wilson and family were living at 519 Benson Street when he was appointed to the Fire Department in April of 1876. The June 1880 Census shows him still at that address, with his four daughters, three of whom were in school, and a housekeeper, Abigail Clayton. Loday Wilson was working as an engineer, the profession he followed throughout his working life, and apparently most of it aboard boats. 519 Benson Street was a relatively large building, with two apartments at the rear. Loday Wilson's sister-in-law and brother-in-law, Hannah and Thomas Griffee, lived in one of the apartments. Loday Wilson was still at this address in 1884. By this time he was working for the Pennsylvania Railroad. In 1885 he moved across the street to 522 Benson Street.

Loday Wilson remarried around 1887. He took a job with the Camden & Amboy Railroad, and was living at 415 Bridge Avenue when the 1887-1888 City Directory was compiled. He had moved to 30 South 3rd Street by the latter half of 1888. By 1890 he had gone back to work for the Pennsylvania Railroad. The 1891-1892 Directory shows him at 224 Mickle Street, where he still resided at 1900 with his second wife, Ethleen. The 1906 Directory shows Loday Wilson at 109 Broadway. He had moved to 529 Mickle Street by the time of the 1910 Census and was still at that address with his wife in 1914. Loday Wilson is listed in the 1918-1919 and 1927 Directories at 576 Washington Street. The 1920 Census shows that this was the home of his daughter Mary Ann "Annie", her husband Jesse Kugler and granddaughter Ethel. 

Loday W. Wilson passed away on June 24, 1929 and was buried at Harleigh Cemetery.