JOHN SAMUEL ANDERSON was born on July 20, 1897 in Camden, New Jersey to William and Mary Anderson. When the 1900 Census was taken five of the seven Anderson children were still alive, John being the youngest, with Charles J., Hazel, Madeline, and William older than him. The family was then living at 1712 South 7th Street. The elder Anderson worked as a day laborer at one of the nearby shipyards to support his family. Twins Kate and Lester Anderson were born shortly after the Census was taken.

By 1906 the Anderson family had moved to 644 Ferry Avenue and were still there when the Census was taken in 1910. By the spring of 1912 the William Anderson family had moved to 1618 South 6th Street, and were still there in June of 1917, when older  brother William Jr. registered for the draft.

When he registered for the draft on August 24, 1918 John S. Anderson had married and was working for the New York Shipbuilding Corporation at their shipyard at Broadway and Morgan Street in South Camden. He was then living at 533 Vine Street in North Camden with his wife Agnes. John and Agnes Anderson moved into the then-new Yorkship Village homes, renting at 1081 West Ironsides Road in 1919 and into at least 1920. He was employed at New York Shipbuilding as late as January of 1920. Three children would arrive during the 1920s, Henry, Jane, and John S. Anderson Jr.

John S. Anderson was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on April 16, 1928. He reported for duty the same day with Engine Company 4, located at 320 Vine Street. The 1929 City Directory shows John and Agnes Anderson residing at 128 Erie Street in North Camden. The 1930 Census shows the Anderson family back in Fairview at 2848 Kansas Road. The Andersons were also taking care of two nieces and a nephew, Sarah L., Margaret L., and John F. Michael. The family later moved to 2854 Idaho Road, and then to 2917 North Constitution Road. 

On July 1, 1933 he was transferred to Engine Company 3 at 1813 Broadway, where he served until March 16, 1948 when he was assigned to Engine Company 10 on Morgan Boulevard

John S. Anderson retired after serving the City of Camden for over 28 years on September 1, 1956. He was replaced on the department by Adelbert Kirk Sr.

John S. Anderson is not listed in any New Jersey Bell Telephone directories, thus, his whereabouts and activities after his retirement are as of this writing unknown. Agnes Anderson passed away in April of 1987. John S. Anderson passed away on  December 10, 1987. The Social Security Administration shows his last address as Clementon, New Jersey, however, the Clementon Post Office serviced a number of surrounding towns at that time.

Worl War I Draft Card

Camden Courier-Post - April 4, 1928


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