JACOB "JACK" WEINBERG was a veteran of World War I, and was an active participant in Republican politics in Camden in the 1920s and 1930s. In 1927 he was serving as Camden's city assessor, and had applied and taken the Civil Service test for Purchasing Agent, a position that went to Dr. Charles B. Helm.  

Jack Weinberg was able to mend fences in 1927 between David Baird Jr. and Albert S. Woodruff within the party. These differences came to a head once again in 1934, and after bitterly fought May primary, led to the party losing power in Camden the following year. A friend of State Senator Emerson Richards, he aided his efforts in Camden to secure the Republican nomination for governor in 1934. In this effort he was supported by Edward V. Martino, former Assistant County Prosecutor Rocco Palese, Benjamin Asbell, Ellis Goodman, William D. Sayrs, Neil Deighan, Carl Kisselman, and other prominent citizens of Camden.

Jack Weinberg also served as the President of the Camden City Basket Ball League during the 1912-1913 season. Another one of the officers of the that organization at the time was a young newspaper reporter by the name of Daniel P. McConnell, who would go on to a long career as a journalist in Camden.

Jack Weinberg passed away on October 18, 1946 and was buried in the then relatively new Jewish section at New Camden Cemetery in Camden NJ.

Camden Courier * January 25, 1913

Camden Courier * January 27, 1913

Camden Courier * January 28, 1913

Philadelphia Inquirer - February 10, 1914
Harry Greenberg - Milton Manheimer
Max Lewis - Mitchell Blank - Benjamin Natal - Joseph F. Kantor
Max Goldich - Mark Obus - Arnold Weisss - Bertrand Schneeberg Broadway Theatre -
Jacob Weinberg - Meyer Wessel - Jacob Furer

Philadelphia Inquirer
October 16, 1916

Samuel Macklin
Fannie Lashman
Harry Greenberg
Harry Teitelman
Meyer Teitelman
Benjamin Natal
Aaron Levin
J.Z. Blank
Julia Silver
Sue Tubis
Florence Frisch
Jacob Weinberg
Meyer Wessel
Louis Mackler
Mark Obus
Jacob Furer
Bernard Bertman
Sig Schoenagle
Israel Heine

Bridgeton Evening News - February 12, 1917
Jacob Weinberg

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 4, 1917
Meyer Wessel - Dr. Philip Wenkos - A. Rosenfelt - J. Heine - Mark Obus
Abe Fuhrman - Samuel Mackler - Isaac Frisch -
Jack Weinberg - Jacob L. Furer
Arnold Weiss - Harry Greenberg

Camden Courier-Post - January 13, 1928

Sergeant Ray Smith Heads Committee In Charge of Arrangement  for Jousts

Not to be outdone by any local organization, Corporal Raymond C. Thoirs Post, of the American Legion, passed a resolution last night in favor of staging a monster boxing show at Convention Hall sometime next month. Half the receipts will be donated to further the Boy Scout Movement.

Sergeant Ray Smith, former heavyweight boxer and now a licensed referee, was elected to head the committee on arrangements, which consists if ten members; Judge Frank F. Neutze, Dr. Irwin B. Deibert, Tom Taylor, J. Harry Ashton, Harry E. Bayne, George P. Rothermel, Albert Wehner, Fireman Ray Smith and Jack Weinberg will assist the sergeant in making the show a success.

A businessmen’s committee also will be appointed, but as yet has not been named by the legion committee members.

It is the intention of the committee to bring some of the best boxers in the country here for the show, which they will make an annual affair providing the initial one is a success. Chairman Smith stated today that he would apply for a boxing permit from Deputy Boxing Commissioner Edward A. Welsh at once.


Camden Courier-Post - January 9, 1928


Camden Courier-Post - February 18, 1928

Bride-to-Be is 'Kidnapped'
for Shower at City Hall
George W. Johnson - Joseph J. Roszkowiak - Lewis Stehr - Jack Weinberg
Atlantic Avenue - Mechanic Street -
St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church

Camden Courier-Post - February 25, 1928
Jack Weinberg - Cyrus Harris - Albert Hyatt

Camden Courier-Post * February 2, 1931

Camden Courier-Post * October 29, 1931


David Baird, Jr., Republican nominee for governor, will make his final appearance in the current election campaign Monday night, in his "own home town," when he will address a monster rally at the Hebrew Republican League, at the Talmud Torah, 621 Kaighn avenue.

The Hebrew league reorganized formally at a luncheon in the Hotel Walt Whitman. Lewis Liberman, assistant city solicitor, was elected president; Sig Schoenagle, Samuel Shaner, Israel Weitzman, vice-presidents; L. Scott Cherchesky, secretary, and Samuel Label, treasurer.

Trustees of the league include Hyman Bloom, Mitchell E. Cohen, Benjamin Friedman, Jacob L. Furer, Isadore H. Hermann, Carl Kisselman, Edward Markowitz, Louis L. Markowitz, Harry Obus, Maurice L. Praissman, Samuel Richelson, Meyer L. Sakin, Julius Rosenberg, Jacob Rosenkrantz and Jack Weinberg.

In addition to former Senator Baird, speakers at the Jewish rally will include Mrs. Elizabeth C. Verga, Republican state committeewoman and vice chairman of the county committee; Congressman Charles A. Wolverton, Congressman Benjamin Golder, of Pennsylvania, and State Senator Samuel Salus, of Pennsylvania.

Camden Courier-Post - October 31, 1931

Officials Announce 90 Organizations
Will Be in March

A change in the route of march of the Armistice Day parade, was announced last night, at a meeting of the committee in the office of Director of Public Welfare David S. Rhone.

The proposed route is Third and Cooper Streets; to Broadway, to Kaighn Avenue, west on Kaighn Avenue to Fourth Street, thence to the city line and disband.

The parade will start promptly at 1:45 p. m. The grand marshal will be Colonel George L. Selby. The route of march is approximately two miles and shorter than any previous year.

There will be 90 organizations in the line of march. Included in these will be 18 American Legion Posts; 13 Veterans of Foreign War Posts; 18 National Guard units; five Naval Reserve units and 21 other organizations. Martial music will be provided by 15 bands.

All members of the police and fire departments who are war veterans, will be excused from duly and will participate in the parade as a unit..

Announcement was made by Jack Weinberg, chairman of the prize committee that two additional cups have been donated by the Retail Division of the Chamber of Commerce. This makes a total of 14 to be awarded. The last two will be given to veteran organizations outside the city of Camden.

More than 1700 school children from the sixth grade to the high school will take part in exercises to be held at the Convention Hall in the morning, it was announced by Dr. Leon N. Neulen, superintendent of schools.

 The children will parade under the direction of their teachers.

Camden Courier-Post - June 15, 1932


May 2, 1934

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All was activity around the new headquarters opened by state Senator Richards in one of the Cooper Street store properties of the Walt Whitman Hotel yesterday. Jack Weinberg, Edward Martino, and Benjamin Hardy are among those crowding the doorway.

Camden Courier-Post - May 2, 1934

Camden Courier-Post * May 10, 1934

Camden Courier-Post * August 28, 1935

Louis Martin - Frank Creeley - Charles Glendenning - Russell Swain - Amos Shirley
Paul "Chink" Taylor - Jack Weinberg - Frank "Sis" Clouser - John Hanson - Neil Deighan
Jim Mulligan - Walter Murphy - Herman Neissner - Tom Kerr- Camden High School

Camden Courier-Post - February 5, 1938

2 New Faces Will Appear On Camden Election Board
Reappointment of Clark and King Unlikely After Expiration of Terms March; Republican Leaders Scan Possibilities


There will be two new faces on the Camden County Board of Elections after March 1.

The terms of Charles J. Clark, Democrat, and William A. E. King, Republican, expire and Mercury has learned that neither will be reappointed.

The names of the appointees must be in the hands of the Governor by the first of the month, for confirmation, by the Senate. The names are submitted to Governor Moore by the respective State Committee, chairmen who in turn usually accepts them from the State Committee members and county chairmen,

State Republican Chairman Clayton Freeman will send the Republican nomination to the Governor. Surrogate Frank B. Hanna, state committeeman, has a letter from Freeman asking for the name of the Republican member to be appointed. It is likely that Freeman will send to the governor whatever name is given him by the Camden County members.

Thumbs Down on King

Hanna, Mrs. Florence Baker, state committeewoman and herself a member of the county election board, and Dr. Leslie H. Ewing, county G.O.P. chairman, have been holding numerous conferences on the subject.

Dr. Ewing has definitely turned thumbs down on King, Mrs. Baker, too, has refused to recommend King and it was said that Hanna will not recommend him.

As a matter of fact, Mercury learns. Dr. Ewing has a list of prospective candidates. The origin of the list is unknown but it includes a number of city and county candidates. Among these are William Lehman, manager at the Republican headquarters; George Tarter and Meyer Sakin, attorneys; Charles S. Wright, of East Camden; Jack Weinberg; George Roberts, of Collingswood; Curtis Walter, Pennsauken tax collector, and Harry Willson, Pennsauken assessor.

Mrs. Baker for Sakin

Mrs. Baker is reported to be for Sakin.

It wasn't known who Hanna is for, but reports have it that he may recommend George Walton, of Haddonfield. If Hanna does recommend Walton, who is from out in the county, it would leave the way open for appointment of a city member in the event Mrs. Baker, who accepted the membership temporarily, resigns.

Who the Democratic appointee will be is conjectural but it won't be Clark, who has been at odds with the city-county Democratic organization.

A number of names have come in for consideration, among them being John Morrissey, chairman of the excise board; Bart Sheehan, former assemblyman; Robert Wren, Pennsauken committeeman; John Crean, of Haddonfield; John Trainor, of Haddon Township, and Sidney Kaplan..

New Camden Cemetery
Camden NJ

May 30, 2005

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