EDWIN De B. CALLAHAN was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Edwin J. and Julienne Callahan on July 1, 1901. His father was born in Philadelphia around 1869, his mother in France about 1883. She came to America in 1893. By 1906 the family, which included younger sister Mildred, had moved to North Camden, taking up residence at 217 Grant Street in North Camden. The elder Callahan worked as a railroad clerk. The family remained at that address through 1910. The 1914 City Directory indicates that the Callahans had moved to 510 North 7th Street, with the elder Callahan working as a laborer. The family was still at that address in January of 1920, Edwin Callahan having gone to work as a shipfitter at one of Camden's many shipyards.

Edwin Callahan's career in public safety began on April 23, 1924 when he was appointed to the Camden Police Department. Two weeks short of four years later, on April 9, 1928 Edwin Callahan reported for duty at Ladder Company 4 at South 10th Street and Morgan Boulevard. His transfer by appointment was dated April 16, 1928. Department personnel records indicate that he was transferred to Engine Company 10 at the same location on December 28, 1928, however, Ladder 4 attendance records indicate that he was not transferred. When Ladder Company 4 was disbanded on July 5, 1936 Edwin Callahan was transferred to Engine Company 8 on Kaighn Avenue. His last transfer came on March 21, 1941, when he was sent to Engine Company 6 at Front and Linden Streets, near where he had grown up. 

When the 1930 Census was taken Edwin Callahan was still single and living with his parents at 510 North 7th Street. At 516 North 7th Street lived another Camden firefighter, James Creato and his wife Catherine. By 1947 his father had passed away. Edwin Callahan, his widowed mother and sister Mildred had moved to 641 Elm Street.

Edwin Callahan remained at Engine Company 6 for over 25 years, retiring on his birthday, July 6, 1966, having reached the mandatory retirement age of 65. His mother passed away in November of that year.

A Camden resident until his final days, Edwin Callahan passed away in June of 1977. He was survived by his sister Mildred, last a resident of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, who joined him on June 14, 1994. 

Engine 6 Wagon and Pumper at Front & Linden Streets
circa 1948

Left column, from left: 
Captain William Deitz, Firemen Robert Dukes
Harrison Pike, Mario Fattore, Edwin Callahan
Right column, from left: 
Firemen Thomas McParland, Philip Farrow
Thomas Winstanley, James Stewart, Ernest Tartaglia
John "Shorty" Prucella

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Engine 6 Wagon and Pumper at Front & Linden Streets
circa 1949

On apparatus John Prucella and Harrison Pike- Motor Pump Operators, l to r: Philip Farrow, Edwin Callahan, Thomas McParland, Robert Dukes, Captain William Deitz, Thomas Winstanley, James Stewart, Mario Fattore, and Ernest Tartaglia 

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