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Introducing Dominic the Dog

June 25, 2005

Saturday morning your mumble servant (that's me) was over at the West Jersey Animal Shelter with the Fabulous Daisywoman, aka Dotty, who was (and still is) looking for a companion for her Bug (beagle-pug mix), Toby, of whom more will be heard from later. 

It was a very hot day, and our pal Iris, who works at the shelter and lives to take care of animals was having a pretty rough day. I was standing in the office when a call came in.... a couple wanted to drop off their 11 year-old dog. 

The shelter was filled to near capacity, and the question was asked "Who is going to adopt an 11 year old dog?"

Phil raised his hand.

And that's how Dominic the Dog joined our merry band.

Dominic appears to be a mix of Border Collie and German Shepherd. For an old fellow he's pretty active. He likes squeaky toys, can catch them in the air, and knows all his commands such as sit, stay, lie down, and so in. He likes to sleep on his blanket downstairs, and next to my bed at night.

Dominic likes to go walking with Shorty. He's hoping Shorty's legs will start feeling better so he can play more. He would like to play with the little fellows, especially Buddy, but they haven't made up their minds about that yet! 

Dominic's old humans called him Domino. I had to fix that a little.... after all, Domino was a female character in a James Bond movie.

Dominic, Fats, and Buddy






Hanging Out On The Deck

July 2, 2005

Saturday afternoon, the weather was quite nice, and it seemed like a good idea to the Fabulous Daisywoman and I to spend a little time on the deck with the kids!!




(begging again!)

Dominic already gave up on the idea



On Monday, July 18, 2005 Shorty left us for the big dog park in the sky. His legs continued to get worse, and he did not respond to medication or dietary supplements. It got so he could not stand and hardly walk, and his appetite was way off.  

I got him outside and down the steps, but the poor guy couldn't walk around the block. He was hurting so bad, it was time to let him go. So I called the vet, and the last thing Shorty knew on this earth was me hugging him and telling him what a good dog he was.

Old boy's legs were bad for months. He tried to hide it but you could see how sore he was every time he got up or laid down. He wore the harness because I had to do the "suitcase" thing to get him up the front steps into the house... his rear legs were so bad he just couldn't get up the steps on his own.  Maybe when Dominic came home Shorty knew there was another fellow to watch over the house. 

I miss him a lot, it hurt to lose him.... but I will continue to give the old dogs the homes they need and deserve. Think about it... maybe you can, too.

Toby Joins the Dogs! 
A Trip Back to Cooper River

July 30, 2005

Dominic and Toby had already met each other. On Saturday morning Dotty and I went to Philly to bring her dog, Toby, over to Camden. Toby is an 18-month old BUG-. that is,  a beagle-pug mix. 

I took all the boys to Cooper River, where they could run and play with old and new friends.


Dominic & Toby

Dominic and Toby
playing with new friends

To tell you the truth, they ran over the poodle while chasing the French Bulldog!

Onyx & Yogi

Arguably the biggest and best thing in Fairview, Onyx is a 10-month-old St. Bernard-Newfie mix. A big old baby who is still growing!


A Doggie Convention!
Toby auditions for Taco Bell
(enough mirth, I'm going for a walk)
(OK, I'm back.
Anyone got a squeaky toy?)
(Oooh, Poodles! And me with no gears!)
"I'm new Marlboro Dog!"

Fats, Max, & Dominic

Max is a long-haired Jack Russell Terrier. He is the first dog other than Buddy that Fats has shown any real interest in making friends with!


Onyx and a Poodle

Yogi, Fats, and Buddy

I'm not sure what Yogi was looking for,
but sure I hope he found it!

Me and the Boys!
August 20, 2005

Buddy: "That Yogi..... he's got issues..."

Fats In A Basket
August 28, 2005

Labor Day

September 5, 2005

We Dogs TOOK THE humans  back on the road. First we met our friends at Cooper River- 


As you can see, that's me.... with Lucy's mom Maria, Dotty, Mary, and with her back to us Raven's mom Maria at the left. I don't know those people sitting down at the back, but they were nice-              Yogi

Dominic and Lucy

"Where have you been?"

Dominic and Lucy
Dominic and Lucy


Fats and Raven
Fats, Raven & Toby
Raven & Toby
Dominic, Toby & Lucy

"Dong Their Thing!"

Dominic, Toby & Lucy

"Dong Their Thing!"

Dominic, Toby & Lucy

"Dong Their Thing!"

Dominic, Toby & Lucy

"Dong Their Thing!"

Toby & Lucy
Fats, Dominic, Buddy,

Our little pal Raven is all the way at the back

Fats, Dominic, Buddy,

Our little pal Raven is all the way at the back


After we got done playing in the park with our friends, we let Phil take us to our grandparents house. They have a nice yard to play in- 



Dr. Leon & Yogi

Yogi & Dominic

I took this one August 28,
but I just got around to formatting it!

Fats & Buddy Get Cleaned Up!

September 16, 2005


At PETCO Pennsauken
our favorite groomer


Are we clean, or what?

It's good
to be rid of those fur coats
Ok, Dad's got the camera, Aunt Tina has the leash.... who else is here?

Gee, Can I Play, Too?

September 23, 2005

Friday afternoon I was home, as I had a vacation day from work. I let the boys go out to the yard to let off a little steam. After about half an hour I went out to check on them... and gee whiz, there is an EXTRA DOG in the yard.

This little Pomeranian was well groomed, and all the dogs seemed to be getting along, quite a surprise. I went and picked the little fellow up (he was a "he") and found a tag from Banfield Animal Hospital with an 800 number, which I called. They gave me the dog's owner's phone number, and I called and let them know I had their dog.


As you can see, everyone played very nicely. I figured that someone found this dog, and put him in my yard, which is gated.

The real surpriose is that when the dog's owners showed up, the little fellow went right UNDER my front gate on his own. 

Apparently he had gotten loose, had wandered about 9 blocks, saw my boys playing in the yard, and decided he would visit for awhile. Go figure!

s you can see, everyone played very nicely. I figured that someone found this dog, and put him in my yard, which is gated.

Dominic Covers the Waterfront!

October 1, 2005

I took Dominic for a road trip this morning, as I had some pictures I needed to take and wanted a little company. We ended up on the Camden Waterfront, where I got some fine pictures of the new American Merchant Marine Memorial and of the battleship New Jersey.

Click on Image to Enlarge

Click on Image to Enlarge

Dog Walk in Haddon Heights

October 2, 2005

Our friends at the Animal Adoption Center in Lindenwold sponsored this event, which was lots of fun. I guess there must have bee 250 or so dogs their, all shapes and sizes and all pretty well behaved that I saw.

I took Dominic, Fats, & Buddy to make the walk. Toby is a little too excitable just yet, although he's making a lot of progress. Yogi would have loved this, but he doesn't have the endurance, and I don't have a collapsible wagon for him... yet!

As you can see, Dominic made a new friend here... that scene repeated itself many times over that day. I was very proud of him.

Here's Buddy, trying to figure out what he had got himself into this time!

As you can seem there were a lot of dogs... that big black thing on the left was a VERY large one! 

Three Good Boys!

"What in the world did they DO to you???"

Dominic & two Greyhounds 

Three Good Boys!


Here's Buddy again. He's pretty timid as a rule, but was a very good dog today.

Buddy- "Please don't eat me!" 

An old Lab
Dominic loves children!
Do you want to know a secret?
Dominic loves everybody!!!
Dominic and the greyhounds


Buddy, Fats, & Dominic
on the gazebo



Dog Walk in Haddon Heights
Dominic Makes a Friend

October 2, 2005

How Much is That Doggie in the Window

October 2, 2005

Fats: "I Love My Job!!!!!"

Thank you for visiting this page. If you have room in your house and your heart for an older dog... or cat, consider adopting one. If adoption isn't practical, please support you local animal shelter.

Phil Cohen.


Burlington County Animal Alliance

West Jersey Volunteers for Animals - West Jersey Animal Shelter

The Animal Orphanage

Animal Sanctuary Society Inc.
Animal Adoption Center
Camden County Animal Shelter
Burlington County Animal Shelter
Gloucester County Animal Shelter
Small Dog Rescue
Compassion for Camden


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