World War I Honor Roll

Walter W. George

Carpenter (temporary)


Entered the Service from: Ohio
Died: October 11, 1918
Buried at: 

CARPENTER (Temporary) WALTER W. GEORGE was born in Dayton Ohio on March 26, 1887. 

A career sailor, he re-enlisted in the United States Navy at New York City, New York on May 31, 1916 He served aboard the USS Tallahassee from April 6, 1917 to September 24, 1917 as Chief Carpenter's Mate. Walter George was appointed Cadet (Temporary) from Ohio on September 24, 1917. He remained with USS Tallahassee until his death due to pneumonia on October 11, 1918.

The USS Tallahasee was originally named the USS Florida. The USS Florida (BM-9) was an Arkansas-class monitor in the United States Navy. Florida was launched November 30, 1901 by Lewis Nixon, and Arthur Leopold Busch, a marine engineer who worked at the Crescent Shipyard, Elizabethport, New Jersey; sponsored by Miss S. Wood; and commissioned June 18, 1903, with Commander John Charles Fremont in command.

Serving with the Coast Squadron, Florida trained midshipmen on summer cruises, and operated along the east coast and in the Caribbean waters. She participated in the Presidential Naval Review in Oyster Bay, Long Island, held by Theodore Roosevelt on September 3, 1906, and four days later reported to the Naval Academy for regular service as a practice ship. She was placed in reserve September 11, 1906, but returned to full commission between June 7 and August 30, 1907, for a midshipman cruise, and between May 21 and June 19, 1908 for participation in ordnance experiments. These included testing the then-new superfire concept where turrets were mounted in line with one turret elevated to fire over the other.

On July 1, 1908, Florida was renamed USS Tallahassee to free the state name for assignment to a battleship. On August 1, 1910, she was placed in commission in reserve and began a regular schedule of ordnance experimentation and occasional duty in the Panama Canal Zone and Norfolk area as a submarine tender.

During World War I Tallahassee served as submarine tender in the Canal Zone, the Virgin Islands, and Bermuda areas and on September 30, 1919, entered Charleston Navy Yard where she was decommissioned on December 3, 1919. 

Walter W. George was survived by his wife, Mary Frances George, who had lived at 612 Henry Street and 227 Senate Street in Camden, New Jersey

The USS Tallahassee (formerly USS Florida BM-9) in Hampton Roads, circa 1919. She is seen here tending two US Navy submarines; K-5 (SS-36) and K-6 (SS-37).