Thomas Craig Miller

Private First Class, United States Army


Battery C
1st Battalion
92nd Artillery Regiment
52nd Artillery Group

Entered the Service from: New Jersey
Died: February 1, 1971
Buried at: 
Section L Site 2315
                  Beverly National Cemetery
                  916 Bridgeboro Road 
                  Beverly, NJ 08010
Awards: Purple Heart

PRIVATE FIRST CLASS Thomas Craig Miller was born December 7, 1950. His home of record is Pennsauken, NJ. Thomas, or T.C. as he was called, was the son of Thomas and Helen Miller and had three sisters, Eileen, Diane, and Holly. T.C. was a graduate of Pennsauken High School where he was a member of the basketball, baseball, wrestling and cross-country teams. His real passion was baseball and used reports in school as a means to write about the life of his favorite player, Babe Ruth. Thomas had aspirations of becoming a professional baseball player when he was growing up.

Miller entered the US Army on January 26, 1970. He completed his basic training at Fort Sill, OK, and served with C Battery, 1st Battalion, 92nd Artillery Group, where he attained the rank of Private First Class.

On February 1, 1971, Private First Class Miller was killed in action when his group was called to protect engineers that were building roads in the Highlands of the Pleiku Providence of South Vietnam. 

Private First Class Miller was awarded the Purple Heart, Marksmanship Award, Efficiency Fidelity Medal, Distinguished Service Award, and the National Defense Medal.

Private Thomas Craig Miller's body was recovered. He was brought home to New Jersey and was buried at Beverly National Cemetery on February 11, 1974.

By Helene Miller-McBride
Today is Memorial Day, once called Decoration Day, and so it seems fitting that I write about my only son, Thomas, whom we always called T.C. because his father was also named Thomas.
T.C. grew up in a middle class neighborhood, led a normal life, was always healthy, and took pride in his appearance and his health. He went out for cross-country running in High School but.... his love was Baseball! The greatest time of his life was when he was chosen to attend Baseball Camp up in Williamsport, Pa. Whenever he had to write a book report, he wrote about Babe Ruth. His goal was to become a professional ball player.
T's birthday was December 7th and this number was one of the early ones pulled out of the fishbowl in the draft. In the summer following graduation from Pennsauken High School, he knew it wouldn't be long before Uncle Sam got around to him so he took a job with the township in the public works department.
On September 17, 1970, he was assigned to duty in Viet Nam, after training in boot camp at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. He was placed in Battery C, 1st Battalion, 92nd Artillery. After 4 months, on February 1, 1971 he was killed as a result of wounds received in action.
T. C. was not one to show his emotions - that would not make him a macho man. Unfortunately, that is not a trait taken from his mother, as this has been difficult to relive on a day when they have sounded "taps."


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u took my job on gun # 4 powerman
happy veterans day tom


Mason Gough III
Kill Devil Hills NC
Nov 11, 2008

TC...It's never been the same

T, Our Dads grew up together...joined the Army to-gether in WW II...and were best friends all their lives. Uncle Tommy was my second Dad. Your Mom was my Dad's first cousin. She met my Mom when they were roomies in the US Navy and became best friends. She introduced my Dad to my Mom. My Dad introduced his best friend to his favorite cousin, your Mom. How could our families been closer? My last 3 months in the Army I lived off post from Ft. Dix at your home and used your room. Every night your Dad and I would talk about everything, especially the war and when you'd be home. were gone...but never from my heart. Love you cous. See you when I get there. -


Raymond Christ
Newville PA
May 12, 2008

He took my place on the gun

Thomas took my job as power man on the 155. i became battery clerk. i think of him often as that should have been me and not him. My best the all that sees this. C battery 1/ 92 artillery

Mason Gough
Kill Devil Hills NC
Feb 19, 2008


TC- I was crushed when I heard the news. I never thought I'd make it and you wouldn't. I wish they had let me go to your funeral. I am so, so sorry. Rest in peace, cous. See you soon.

Stew Christ
Weapons Echo, 2/1 1st Mar Div
Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Thomas Craig Miller
is honored on Panel 5W Line 072 of
the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.