John M. Reid

Lance Corporal, U.S. Marine Corps


C Company
1st Battalion
3rd Marine Regiment
9th Marine Amphibious Brigade
Entered the Service from: New Jersey
Died: May 10, 1967
Buried at: Sec J, Lot 146, Cast 3, Grave 1
                  New St. Mary's Cemetery
                  Bellmawr, New Jersey
Awards: Navy Cross, Purple Heart

JOHN MICHAEL REID was born on May 3, 1947, to John M. Reid and Sheila A. Reid of Magnolia, NJ. He was one of eight children, the others being Pat, Dennis, Kevin, Colleen, Brian, Sheila and Maureen. 

John M. Reid enlisted in the United States Marines Corps on September 9, 1965 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He attained the rank of Lance Corporal. Once in Vitenam he was assigned to Company C, BLT (Battalion Landing Team) 1/3 (First Battalion, Third Marines), 9th Marine Amphibious Brigade.

On April 28, 1967 BLT 1/3 began Operation BEAVER CAGE with the first four days in support of Operation UNION conducted by the 5th Marines during which the BLT had limited contact with the enemy and the majority of casualties were cause by the extreme heat. Expanding their patrols and search for the enemy further west into the Que Son District of Quang Nam Province the Marines made solid contact on May 10 with the enemy in Nghi Trung and Nghi Ha village complexes.

Company B, and Company C lead into the valley and ran into a wall of NVA fire, unable to advance or withdraw addition support arrived from the 5th Marines with the battle lasting throughout the day. By evening the enemy had withdrawn and the Marines were able to gather their casualties. Twenty-two men were killed in action, and eight-eight were wounded. One of the casualties was Cpl Reid; he was killed in the battle from hostile enemy rifle fire.

Corporal John Michael Reid was presented the NAVY CROSS posthumously "For extraordinary heroism ....on 10 May 1967"

Mr. and Mrs. John Reid, of Magnolia, N.J., stand during ceremony at Camden armory at which they received Navy Cross awarded posthumously to their son, Marine Cpl. John M. Reid, who was killed in Vietnam last May. Cpl. Reid was cited for extraordinary heroism in protecting his company. Between the Reids is their youngest daughter, Maureen, 5. Marine Col. Robert Foxworth is at left.

John M. Reid
is honored on Panel 19E Line 85 of
the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

** Note that some of these messages are from years ago
and their contact information may not be good anymore **

Hey Mike, remember running into each other at the Sterling High School basketball game in 1966? We were both on leave from the Marines and you were all excited about orders for WestPac and Nam. Well, I wasn't far behind. I was up in Dong Ha with 3dForceReconCo, in country only about 3 weeks, when my parents sent me the newspaper articles on your death. I tried to find your outfit and learn what happened but never did. It took me a long time but I finally went to the garden shop to see your brothers and talked to your dad on the phone. I'll never forget you, Mike.
Semper Fi

Art Loder
Home Town Friend
Magnolia NJ
Apr 2, 2008


Though you are gone you will never be forgotten! You and men like you, are the reason we are free today! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the sacrifices that you made! I hold you and those like you in the highest regard and you deserve nothing less! I love you all, you were and always will be HEROES to me! I promise never to take for granted the freedoms I have, which you paid the ultimate price for! Happy Birthday! Let no man be forgotten…I WILL REMEMBER YOU!!! Gratefully yours, Jenn

Jennifer Burns
May 3, 2007


I lived in Magnolia, NJ from 1964-1974. I did not know you well, but knew your younger brothers Dennis & Kevin. Kevin later also enlisted in the USMC. I was 14 at the time of your death. You were 6 years & 2 days older than me & died shortly after your 20th birthday. There was a lot of local newpaper coverage on your death & funeral, perhaps because you were the mayor's son. On this Veterans' Day 2003, 36 years & 6 months later, I would like to say THANK YOU!

Mike Burgoon
Previous Hometown Admirer
Haddon Township, NJ
Tuesday, November 11, 2003

John, I remember you well.

I have so many wonderful memories of us at Parris Island. While I was so sad to see your name here, I am glad and proud that I had a chance to know you, laugh with you and enjoy some of your short time in this world. It has been 34 years but I still remember you so well. God bless and thank you.

Pat Cooper
went to boot camp together at Parri
Charlotte, NC
Thursday, January 09, 2003