Camden, NJ

Wagner Court

WAGNER COURT also known as Wagner Court's was a short alley that ran west from 713 South 4th Street into a dead end. Although the street is not named on Sanborn maps, a wood framed dwelling appears in the 1885 Sanborn map and in the 1891 edition. The alley first appears in City Directories in 1896, but no names are associated with Wagner or Wagner's Court. The alley is not named in the 1906 Sanborn map of Camden, but is shown the frame house new divided into two dwellings.  These houses are noted in Camden City Directory listings from 1913 through 1929, but not afterwards. The people who are listed there in the 1929 City Directory lived elsewhere according to the April 1930 Census enumeration, and the 1931 City Directory lists the houses as being vacant. Wagner Court is listed the 1940 City Directory, but no houses are mentioned. They may have fallen victim to fire or simply have collapsed. The city acquired the land where the two houses once stood in December of 1978.

The alley between 713 and 715 South 4th Street is still there, but all other traces of Wagner's Court appear to be gone. 

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 Phil Cohen

 346 Wagner's Court

  346 Wagner's Court

1913-1914 Jacob W. & Rebecca J. Hammond
1916-1917 James & Helen Queeney
1921-1922 Thomas & Minnie Welch
1928 Annie Anderson
1929 Elwood P. Dyer
1931 Vacant
1940 Gone


 348 Wagner's Court

  348 Wagner's Court

1912 -1914 George & Henrietta Brady
1915 William & Alice Easton
1915 George & Anna Weaver
1916 Mary Weaver
1921-1926 Joseph & Amelia Dixon
1927 Edward Davis
1928 William Walter
1927-1929 William & Bessie Thomas

Mrs. Frances Wilson Joiner & Family
Frances Joiner
William C.H. Joiner Jr.

1931 Vacant
1940 Gone