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CHEW COURT is a very small street that ran north from the 400 Block of Mount Vernon Street, between 407 and 409 Mount Vernon Street. It first appeared in City Directories in 1871. As best I can tell, there were only 2 buildings that ever had a Chew Court address, and oddly enough, they were occupied by Smith and Jones, the Louis Smith family in #1, and the William Jones clan in #2. The Christopher A. Bergen School, named for prominent Camden lawyer Christopher Augustus Bergen, which opened in the fall of 1891, was built on the north side of the 400 block of Mount Vernon Street, near Chew Court.

The street has listings in the 1887-1888, 1888-1889, or 1890-1891 City Directories, and Smith and Jones were still living in the same houses when the census was taken in 1900. Interestingly enough, sometime after the 1890 Directory was compiled, #1 Chew's Court was renumbered as 1016, and #2 Chew's Court became 1014. 

By the time the 1904 City Directory was compiled, both families had left Chew Court, and the houses were most likely gone as well. 

 No homes or business have addresses on Chew Court in the 1924 or 1947 Camden City Directories. All trace of Chew Court was obliterated when the Ulysses S. Wiggins School was built.

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 Phil Cohen

1946 Map of Camden
Locust Street & Broadway, Spruce & Sycamore Streets

Unit Block of Chew's Court
  1 Chew's Court
aka 1016 Chew's Court

1887-1891 Louis Smith, waterman- stevedore
1887-1888 Sarah A. Thorne, washerwoman
1900 Louis Smith, day laborer

  2 Chew's Court
aka 1014 Chew's Court

1887-1888 William Jones, stevedore
1888-1889 William Jones, laborer
1888-1900 William Robison, laborer
1890-1891 William R. Jones, waiter
1900 William Jones, day laborer

C.A. Bergen School - 1893