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The Broadway Methodist Episcopal Church was organized on May 9, 1854. It was an outgrowth of the Berkeley Street Sabbath School, organized April 8, 1848. The cornerstone of the old church was laid on August 7, 1855. The lecture room was dedicated on December 25, 1855, and the main audience room January 29, 1857. In 1892 a chapel was erected in the rear of the main structure, the cornerstone of which was laid July 28, 1892. The cornerstone of the new church was laid on June 17, 1897. This church building was dedicated on May 14, 1898. 

Methodist Episcopal  Church

This building was built in 1855 and used until  1898, when the new church (below) was dedicated.

Broadway Methodist Episcopal  Church - dedicated 1898

The following is derived from
George Reeser Prowell's
History of Camden County, New Jersey
published in 1886

At the house of Charles Sloan a meeting of Methodists was held on April 8, 1848, where, with Mr. Sloan as chairman and David Duffield, Jr., secretary, the Berkley Street Sabbath school of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Camden, N. J., was organized. Charles Sloan, David Duffield, Jr., Thomas L. Smith, Philander C. Brink, Benjamin A. Hammell, Levi C. Phifer, Wm. Few, John Newton, Richard J. Sharp, I. B. Reed, John B. Thompson, Elizabeth Middleton, Susan H. Scott, Mary Adams, Harriet Davis, Mary Brooks, Hannah Souder, Mary Dunn and Sarah Cheeseman volunteered to become teachers. Chas. Sloan was elected superintendent. A lot was purchased and a schoolhouse built, which was dedicated April 15, 1849,. by Rev. Dr. Bartine.   The school then had twelve teachers and sixty-three scholars, which two years later was increased to one hundred and one scholars. A request was sent to Rev. Charles H. Whitecar, pastor of Third Street Methodist Episcopal Church, to form a class, of which Isaac B. Reed was appointed leader, and the other members were Hannah Chambers, Abigail Bishop, Wm. Wood, Furman Sheldon, Priscilla Sheldon, Achsa Sutton, Mary Sutton, Mary Brooks, Elizabeth Bender, Ruthanna Bender, Charlotte Wilkinson, Wm. Patterson, Sister Patterson, Sister Severns, Rebecca Thompson, Elizabeth McIntyre, Hannah A. Reed, Danie Stephenson, Rachel Stephenson, Susan Thomas, Samuel Severns, Mary E. Maguire and Wm. Few. At a meeting held in the Sunday school room on Berkley Street, March 10, 1854, and at a subsequent meeting, May 9th, a church society was organized largely from members of the class above mentioned. Rev. Ralph S. Arndt was the first pastor. Forty certificates of membership were received, and John Lee, Isaac B. Reed and Conklin Mayhew were appointed class-leaders.

The first board of stewards was composed of John C. Clopper, Walter Rink, John M. Pascall and Logan Alcott. May 30, 1854, the board of trustees elected were Daniel Bishop, S. S. Cain, Wm. Severns, Conklin Mayhew, Furman Sheldon, Logan Alcott and T. H. Stephens. At the same meeting the name of "Broadway Methodist Episcopal Church of Camden, N. J.," was selected to designate the new society. Rev. J. H. Knowles was pastor from May, 1855, to the end of the pastoral year and part of next year, which was finished by Rev. J. J. Hanley, who remained to May, 1858. In February, 1856, John S. Newton, who after­wards lost his life with the unfortunates in the " New Jersey" steamboat, was appointed leader of a class of young converts. The trustees purchased the property corner of Broadway and Berkley Street, in 1854, subject to a claim, and on November 14, 1854, they bought an adjoining lot. The basement of the church was dedicated December 25, 1855, by Bishop Scott, and the main audience-room dedicated January 29,1857, by Bishop Janes.  

Rev. C. K. Fleming was pastor from 1858 to 1860. There were then two hundred full members and one hundred probationers. The Sunday schools under their charge had, in I860, three hundred and seventy-five children.

From 1860 to 1872, inclusive, the successive pastors were C. W. Heisley, who went to the army as chaplain, Robert Stratton, R. S. Harris, George Hitchens, Wm. Walton, R. A. Chalker and Geo. Hughes, and during this period the church prospered greatly, so that it became necessary to enlarge the church building. The original building was forty-eight feet by sixty-five feet, and during the pastorate of Rev. John S. Phelps, 1873-74, an addition of thirty feet was built to the rear. Rev. H. H. Brown was pastor during 1875. The parsonage, No. 512 Broadway, was purchased for five thousand dollars, April 20, 1873. Rev. George Reed was pastor in 1876, and had two very successful years in church work, making many conversions.

Rev. George B. Wight was pastor during 1878, 1879 and 1880. During this period a plan was adopted to liquidate the debt on the church, which was then nine thousand dollars, and which has been reduced to two thousand dollars. The new Methodist hymnal was adopted by the church in November, 1878. In 1879, December 31st, a new department in Sunday school work, called the Assembly, was started under the leadership of Joseph Elverson, who has held that position ever since. Rev. Milton Relyea was pastor from 1881 to 1884; during this period there was a great revival and a large number were added to the church. Mrs. Lizzie Smith did much earnest work at a revival in 1881. At an afternoon meeting held that year, Mrs. Clayton, a member, died very suddenly. In 1884 the church was newly frescoed, a pipe-organ put in position, and shortly thereafter the Annual Conference was held in this church. In October, 1883, the Sunday school numbered one thousand two hundred and forty-seven scholars, and had eighty-nine officers and teachers. The Pine Street Mission, formerly under charge of Union Methodist Episcopal Church, was transferred by mutual consent to the charge of Broadway Methodist Episcopal Church, March, 1884; soon after, a plot of ground ninety by one hundred and fifty feet, at Third Street and Beckett, was purchased by this church, on which to erect a chapel and receive the Sunday school and worshippers of Pine Street Mission. The old building on Pine Street was subsequently sold and the proceeds applied to the new building, which was dedicated in October, 1885. In 1885, under the preaching of Rev. D. B. Green, a great revival was held. In March, 1885, the Band of Hope passed into the charge of the Sunday school Association, and in May, Emmor Applegate was elected its superintendent. Rev. Wm. P. Davis, D.D., commenced his pastorate of this church March, 1884, since which time many members have been added. The membership now (1886) is nearly eight hundred, and about two hundred probationers.  The Sunday school has nearly one thousand two hundred members and the Mission school has about two hundred and seventy members. Dr. A. E. Street is the general superintendent of the school.  

Additional Notes by Phillip Cohen

Prominent citizens who later were involved with Broadway Methodist included trustee Dr. Joseph E. Roberts, Police Sergeant Thomas M. Stanger, his brother, lawyer Howard Stanger, dentist Dr. A.E. Street, and undertaker William B.M. Burrell..

Undated Interior Photos of Broadway Methodist Episcopal Church
My best guess is 1917 or 1918 - PMC
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Philadelphia Inquirer- January 10, 1897


February 22, 1900

Broadway Methodist Episcopal Church
First Presbyterian Church
North Baptist Church
First Methodist Episcopal Church
Eighth Street Methodist Episcopal Church
Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church

John Foster
Arthur Stanley
Hugh Boyle
William E. Albert

Daniel B. Murphy

Rev. James W. Marshall
Rev. W.H. Fishburn

Ancient Order of United Workmen

"50th Anniversary of Broadway Church, Camden, N.J."
Stamped Harry Myers, No. 505 Benson Street, Camden, N.J.
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Philadelphia Inquirer- February 19, 1906

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Philadelphia Inquirer
March 23, 1908

Broadway Methodist Episcopal Chuch
Eighth Street Methodist Episcopal Church
Sate Street Methodist Episcopal Church
Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church
Rev. E.J. Kulp - Rev. D.E. Clare
Rev. S. Monroe Vansant - REv. F.A. DeMaris
Rev. George Archer - Rev. C.S. Miller

Epworth League Officers - Broadway Methodist Church - circa 1910 

"Mrs. Elizabeth Ireton (Mother), Mrs. E.J. Kulp, Mrs. Carrie Thompson, Mrs. Agnes Hewitt, Miss Martha Hughes, Joseph Atkinson, Charles Ireton Dad, E. J. Kulp, Ralph D. Baker, Albertis Hewitt, S. H. Thompson"

League Officers - Broadway Methodist Church - circa 1910 

"League Officers - E.J. Kulp, S. H. Thompson, C.M. Curry, A. Hewitt, J. Atkinson, R. Baker, E. Ireton, M. Hughes"

"Official Broadway Church, Camden, N.J." - Circa 1910
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Philadelphia Inquirer- September 18, 1911
Rev. E.J. Kulp

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Philadelphia Inquirer- September 8, 1913

Miss Vera Kaighn - Rev. Sanford H. Nichols - Rev. Daniel Johnson

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Camden Post-Telegram * December 11, 1914

The Mercy and Help Department of the Broadway M.E. Church will again do its share to care for the poor and needy on Christmas Day. Nearly two hundred baskets, containing poultry and all sorts of vegetables, are distributed among the poor absolutely free of charge. Too much credit cannot be given to the women who annually spend several days in preparing these baskets that the unfortunate ones would not go hungry on merry Christmas Day.

Broadway Methodist Church
circa 1914

Inset: Rev. Dr. John Handley

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Rev. Dr. John Handley

"Dinners to the Broadway Committee of Broadway Church, Camden, N.J."
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Sunday School Picnic at Knight Park, Collingswood, New Jersey - June 1914

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Camden Courier-Post * January 14, 1928


Tomorrow in Broadway M.E. Church, Broadway and Berkley Street, will be dedicated to the eighth anniversary of the eighteenth amendment. At 10:30 the address will be delivered by Mrs. Nina G. Frantz, state president of the W.C.T.U.

At 7:30 PM there will be a patriotic service with selections by the quartet and chorus. Fifty young people will present an interesting and instructive “Patriotic Prohibition Pageant”, under the direction of Ethel M. Pierce, Uncle Sam and Mother Columbia will have their children of States who will offer their opinion in history of the eighteenth amendment.

Class meetings will be held Monday and Tuesday nights and prayer service on Wednesday evening.  

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 3, 1915

Broadway Methodist Episcopal Church  - John B. Kates

Camden Courier-Post - June 15, 1933


Members of the Home Missionary Society of the Broadway M. E. Church will meet this evening at the home of Mrs. Charles Tyler, 1601 West High Street, Haddon Heights. 

Camden Courier-Post - February 4, 1938

William Fidler, Audubon Will Discuss Mort Plan in Morning

The mid-Winter meeting of the Camden County Council of the New Jersey Congress of Parents and Teachers will be held Thursday, Feb. 24, in the Broadway M. E. Church, Broadway and Berkley Streets.

The Mort Plan will be discussed by William T. Fidler, supervising principal of Audubon schools, during the morning session which will convene at 10 o'clock. The subject dealing with education is of current interest to the Parent-Teacher Associations.

A demonstration will be given by the Lip Reading Club of Philadelphia during the afternoon session, for 1.30 o’clock. A speaker will talk on “How to Detect· the Hard of Hearing Child in the Home." "A demonstration of the Braille system will be given by eight students from the Overbrook School for the Blind.

Mrs. Walter Gross, 224 South Fifth Street, has charge of luncheon reservations which must be made by February 1. The meal will be served by the Ladies Aid Society of the Church.

The series of· Homemakers Forum broadcasts on "the adolescent," sponsored by the Home Economics Extension Service Of Rutgers University, will be given over station WOR on Thursdays at 2.15 p. m. instead of Wednesdays at 3.46 p. m. as previously announced.

More than 100 groups in New Jersey are following these broadcasts, using the supplementary discussion and reference sheets provided by the extension service. This material may be obtained through the county home demonstration agents. The second of this series will be broadcast next Thursday afternoon at 2.15 o'clock, over station WOR. "Educating Toward Adulthood" will be the topic discussed by Dr. Robert Sackett, department .of psychology, College of Liberal Arts, American University.

"Watch Your Step," by Miss Mardan L. Telford, safety chairman, will be heard over the N.B.C. Blue Network next Wednesday afternoon from 4.30 to 5.00 o'clock. The broadcasts are sponsored by the National Congress of Parents and Teachers.

Camden Courier-Post - February 5, 1938



Broadway M. E. Church, Broadway and Berkley Street, Rev. T. J. J.Wright

Camden Courier-Post - February 12, 1938


The annual luncheon and meeting of the Camden County Home Economics Extension Service will be held Thursday, April 28, at the Broadway M. E. Church.

Mrs. L. H. Goettelman, of Brooklawn, heads the committee and is assisted by Mrs. William Straub, of West Berlin; Mrs. Verna Clegg, Ashland; Mrs. Adolph Grosser, Audubon; Mrs. George Luhrmann, Cedar Brook; Mrs. Howard Weeden, Camden, and Mrs. Thomas Hansen, Westmont. The program is being arranged by Miss Mary M. Learning, county home demonstration agent.