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The following is derived from
George Reeser Prowell's
History of Camden County, New Jersey
published in 1886

The history of the Eighth Street Church begins with a Mission Sunday school under the care of the Broadway Church. This school, under the name of Paradise Mission, was organized in 1859 in a building on Mount Vernon Street, used as a meat-shop and owned by John Paschal. At the time of the organization of the school John Collins was elected superintendent; John S. Long, assistant and secretary; Mr. Holmes, librarian; Mifflin K. Long, treasurer, and Joseph Hoffinger, John Paschal and Benjamin F. Long, teachers. Fifty children were immediately gathered into this school. The building had no chimney and was not plastered. The cold weather compelled the school to seek a more comfortable place, and the public school-house on Spruce Street was generously granted and the school held in it for several months. In 1860 a room or hall on Walnut Street, to the rear of the present church, was rented, and there the school convened until 1862, when a frame chapel was built where the church now stands. Under the charge of the presiding elder, A. K. Street, this chapel was dedicated by Rev. H. M. Brown, and the Sunday school, then numbering one hundred members, moved into it. During 1862 Rev. R. S. Harris, pastor of the Broadway Methodist Episcopal Church, formed a class with John S. Long as leader, and thus originated the Eighth Street Methodist Episcopal Church.

Regular services were conducted every Sunday, and daring that winter extra meetings were held, which resulted in bringing many persons within the fold of the church. Encouraged by this success, in 1863 the Eighth Street Chapel, as it was then called, formed a mission in connection with Stockton and Newton, and the Conference appointed Rev. Garner H. Tullis to take charge of this mission. The first year of his ministry was a successful one and brought eighty-three members, forty probationers and two hundred and twenty Sunday school children within the mission. The Eighth Street Chapel then filed a certificate of incorporation, under the name of the Tullis Methodist Episcopal Church, by which name it has ever since been known, though called in Conference minutes as the Eighth Street Methodist Episcopal Church of Camden. In 1865 Rev. David McCurdy was appointed pastor and in 1866 Rev. N. Walton succeeded him. In 1869 this church, which had from the first been associated with Broadway Church, separated from it and became a station.  In 1873 W. C. Stockton became pastor and the chapel was enlarged and greatly improved, at a cost of one thousand dollars, through his exertions, and during the second year of his pastorate the foundation of the present large brick church building was built up to the second story and a temporary roof placed over it. It was not completed until 1880, at which time the church and grounds were valued at fifteen thousand dollars. Since this congregation separated from the Broadway Methodist Episcopal congregation the pastors who have served it were Revs. J. H. Nichols, J. I. Merrill, J. White, Jacob T. Price, W.C. Stockton, John E. Westwood, Willis Reeves, Garner H. Tullis, James H. Payson and William Walton, the present pastor. The history of this church has been promising from its first inception, and its future prospects are brighter than ever. With an increasing population about it and a large membership of more uniform piety, it cannot fail to accomplish its great mission.  The membership at this time (1886) is three hundred and fifty-one, and the Sunday school is in a flourishing condition, having four hundred and fifty-one teachers and pupils, with E. S. Matlack as superintendent. .  

Additional Notes by Phillip Cohen

The Eighth Street Methodist Church was still active when the 1947 Camden City Directory was compiled.


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