2400 Federal Street
Southeast Corner of 24th and Federal Street

2400 Federal Street, a three story building at the corner of 24th and Federal, was open as a bar far back as 1918. John T. White is listed as the owner in City Directories in the years between 1918 and 1943. It should be noted however, that during the Prohibition years other parties appear to have been operating the bar. The directories for 1926 and 1927 indicate Calvin Brong as proprietor, while William J. Higgins is listed in the 1928 and 1931 directories. By 1936 Higgins had gone, the New Jersey Bell Telephone Directory for that year shows him running the bar at 2512 Federal. Calvin Brong was then operating a cigar store at 1054 South 2nd Street. 2400 Federal is not listed as a tavern or restaurant in the 1936 directory, the bar may have been in managers at the time.

2400 Federal appears in the 1947 Camden City Directory and the 1959 New Jersey Bell Telephone directory as the East Side Cafe. While the bar does not appear in directories from 1964 forward, the bar remained open as late as 1983, when it closed and the building was boarded up. The property has been for sale for over 20 years ans of March 2004, but apparently there have been no takers. 

East Side Cafe - October 5, 2003
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