2250 Admiral Wilson Boulevard

The Admiral Lounge opened up on the Admiral Wilson Boulevard at some point between 1947 and 1956, when it was listed in the New Jersey Bell Telephone Directories. Unlike many other bars, the Admiral retained its name throughout its entire lifetime, a span of over 40 years, although over the years it transitioned from "Bar & Grill" to "Lounge & Liquors".  

In 1967 Jack & William Gordon were the principals in the business, according to the liquor license renewal application.

By the 1970s the nightclub business all over South Jersey began to suffer. The Latin Casino eventually closed, as did many other venues that featured live music. The Admiral Lounge along with the French Quarter and the Oasis Lounge (later known as the Harem Lounge) all became go-go bars. By the mid 1970s another go-go bar, Minnie's Lounge,  opened up on the westbound side of Admiral Wilson Boulevard. Of the four bars, Minnie's was probably the most famous, as "Miss Vicki", the ex-wife of entertainer Tiny Tim, danced there for a few years. 

With the addition of an x-rated bookstore that featured "live, nude girls" in Pennsauken,   the Admiral Wilson Boulevard had a very bad reputation by the early 1980s. There was a limited amount of prostitution in and near the three motels on the westbound side, the Four Winds, the Oasis, and the Wilson Motel. 

In 1999 then New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman seized every on the east- bound side of Admiral Wilson Boulevard under the excuse of "cleaning up" the Boulevard. It was a very strange cleanup, as no work at all was done on the west-bound side. In any event, the French Quarter, the Admiral, and the Harem Lounge were leveled, along with many other commercial properties, which only has served to deepen the financial problems of the City of Camden, which could ill-afford to lose tax-paying commercial properties.   

Admiral Bar & Grill - 1958

Fire Watch
Magazine Ad

Inside the Admiral - circa 1990
Off-duty policeman Montell Williams relaxes at the Admiral