LOUIS BUMBREY was born in New Jersey on May 13, 1894. By 1920 he had married, and with his wife Ruth resided at 717 Silver Street in South Camden. He was at the time operating a cigar store at 725 Kaighn Avenue, most likely with Robert Bumbrey. A son, Louis G. Bumbrey, was born in February of 1927. 

A well known baseball team known as the Bumbrey Giants played in the independent amateur leagues that flourished in Camden in the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s. This team was most likely sponsored in whole or part by Louis or Robert Bumbrey.

By 1930, Louis and Ruth Bumbrey appear to have parted ways. Louis Bumbrey at this time was living at 1125 Marion Street. he was then the proprietor of a shoe shine stand.

In September of 1937, the Camden Police conducted a raid on the cigar store at 725 Kaighn Avenue. Robert Bumbrey was arrested and charged with maintaining an illegal gambling establishment.  

Robert Bumbrey, along with Edward Phillips, were involved in the illegal lottery, or "numbers" racket which was the focus of much attention on the part of law enforcement in Camden in the years after the repeal of Prohibition. He was reputed to be a "big shot" in the operation, and received a suspended sentence in January of 1939.

When the 1947 Camden City Directory was compiled, the cigar shop was listed as Lou's Smoke Shop. Louis Bumbrey was then living at 906 South 8th Street, apparently the home of a relation, Herbert Bumbrey. The New Jersey Bell Telephone directories list Mrs. Ruth Bumbrey at the 717 Silver Street as late as 1977.

Lifelong Camden residents, Louis Bumbrey passed away in October of 1981, Ruth Bumbrey on March 2, 1991, and Louis G. Bumbrey in May of 1997. The Bumbrey family still resides in Camden in 2003. 

725 Kaighn Avenue - November 9, 2003