JOHN STEPHEN McTAGGART was born on August 1, 1888 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Mary and Hugh McTaggart Sr. Hugh McTaggart was a plumber by trade.  The McTaggart family moved to Camden in the early 1890s. They lived at 645-1/2 Van Hook Street from 1893 to 1895, then moved to 630 Jackson Street in 1897, 498 Jackson Street in 1898, and 1010 Sycamore Street by 1899. When the census was taken in the summer of 1900 the family resided at 1102 Sycamore Street. Nearby neighbors, according to the Census sheet, included Camden police officer Camillus Appley at 1118 Mount Ephraim Avenue and Dr. Paul Litchfield at 1123 Kaighn Avenue

The 1910 Census shows John McTaggart working at Camden Forge. He was living with his widowed mother and siblings at 681 Van Hook Street in Camden's Eighth Ward. Still living at 681 Van Hook Street, by 1914 he had been appointed to the Camden Fire Department, where he served for several years. The McTaggarts had moved to 1710 Broadway by June of 1917. John McTaggart was still a Camden fireman at that time. Within a short time, with America involved in World War I, he and several other firefighters left the department for better paying jobs at the shipyards.

John McTaggart was working as a chipper in one of the shipyards when the Census was taken in 1920. He was then living at 562 Division Street with his wife, Anna, and a steps-son, Howard. The marriage did not last, either due to death or separation. The 1927 City Directory shows him living with his widowed mother and siblings at 1710 Broadway. The 1930 Census shows John McTaggart living with his widowed mother Mary at 1295 Sayrs Avenue. Also residing there was older brother Hugh, older sisters Belle and Esther, and a younger sister, Mary. All of his siblings then residing at home had never married. A Camden firefighter, William Wood, lived next door at 1291 Sayrs Avenue.

John McTaggart's brother, James McTaggart, was a member of the Camden Police Department. On July 6, 1922  John McTaggart was appointed to the Camden Police Department. He was still active when the 1940 Camden City Directory was compiled. At that time he was living at 1381 Kenwood Avenue. As he does not appear in the 1943 or 1947 City Directories, it appears that he either moved out of Camden or had passed away.

James McTaggart's son, Joseph McTaggart, served for over 27 years with the Camden Fire Department before retiring on April 1, 1978.


Camden Daily Courier
June 14, 1910

Howard L. Currie
Robert Brice
Clarence Madden
William Cason
William Laird
George Boone
Edward Simpson
John McTaggart
Roy A. Smith
James Ora Burris
William Buzine
Thomas J. Nicholas
Joseph Maxwell
Daniel Smith
Arthur Wingate
Newton Ash
Henry Knowles
Engine Company 7





Camden Post-Telegram * December 27, 1910

... continued...
... continued...
... continued...
Charles Robinson
Samuel Price
Harry Haines
Mortica Clark
James McDermott
John McTaggart
Roy A. Smith
Peter Gray
Harvey Watts
Samuel S. Elfreth
George P. Cox
Mrs. Tillie Sackett
Harry Ehrlich - Lena Ehrlich
Florence Ehrlich - Martha Ehrlich
Edward T. Sackett - Harry Pinsky
Mary Palosky - Joseph Hermann
Harry Nurock
Albertson L. Matlack
Engine Company 7

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 10, 1913
Engine Company 1 - Engine Company 2 - Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
Mount Vernon Street - Rev. William Brubaker
Mortica Clark - James Norris Ellis - George H. Hunt 
Seth Monnell - John McTaggart - Fred Hall - William Rose

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 19, 1915


A. Goldberg - Richard Noon - Howard Robbins
North 10th Street - Penn Street - Cooper Hospital
Wildwood Avenue - Princess Avenue - Broadway
Kaighn Avenue - Jackson Street
South 3rd Street - Bridge Avenue
Toone & Hollinshed - Camden Curtain Rod
John McTaggart - Harry Green
Chemical Company No. 1 (Engine Co. 9)
Engine Company No. 1
Toone & Hollinshed
Parkside School

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World War I Draft Card - June 5, 1917

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 15, 1917

Richard McAllister - James Dare - Joseph Davis
John McTaggart - Frederick Dill - Albert Smith
Harry Kay - Herbert Dewees - William Haggerty
Frank Shank - Minnie Rosenberg - W.B. ELdridge
Cooper Hospital
Sherman Avenue - Clare Street - Broadway
Carman Street - Roberts Street - High Street
North Street

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Camden Daily Courier - July 6, 1922

Frank S. Van Hart - Frank Murray  - Edward Hahn - Walter Christy - Albert Yost - Frank Pintozzi
John McTaggart - Frank Sattler - Walter Larson - August Pflederer
Kimber Street - North 5th Street - Howell Street - Waldorf Avenue - Cherry Street
Lansdowne Avenue - Jackson Street - Sylvan Street - Pine Street