JAMES E. HEWITT was born in Camden NJ around 1864 to John K. and Hannah Hewitt. In 1880 the family was living at 439 Kaighn Avenue, John Hewitt supporting his family as a shoemaker. Living at the end of the block, at 463 Kaighn Avenue, was dry goods merchant Isaac C. Toone, who would go on to found one of Camden's first department Stores. James E. Hewitt had already gone into business, as a fruit dealer. He married his wife Carrie at the age of 21. By 1887 he was had a confectionary shop at 415 Kaighn Avenue, where he also lived. 

James E. Hewitt was a member of the Union Methodist Episcopal Church at the northwest corner of Mount Vernon Street and Newton Avenue. In 1909 he was appointed to the Official Board of the church.

In January of 1920 the James E. Hewitt family owned a home at 529 South 5th Street. The family then consisted of James and Carrie Hewitt ant their fourteen year-old daughter Grace. James Hewitt was then serving as the Undersheriff of Camden County. He later served as the Director of Charities for the city of Camden, under the direction of Winfield S. Price, who served as Mayor of Camden from 1927 to 1931. He also at one time had served as President of Camden's City Council.

Last a resident of 529 South 5th Street, James E. Hewitt died on May 20, 1935 of a heart ailment. 

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September 4, 1888
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February 28, 1915

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February 11, 1917