HOWARD H. SHARP was appointed to the Camden Fire Department as an extra man with the Hook & Ladder Company in the spring of 1877. He replaced John Bucklew. He served with the Hook & Ladder Company for two years, then was transferred to Engine Company 1. Howard Sharp served for three years, but was not reappointed when Daniel A. Carter was elected Chief of the Camden Fire Department. Howard Sharp was reappointed in 1884, replacing William Miller as an extra man with Engine Company 1. Howard Sharp served until July of 1885, when the extra men were discontinued from service. 

Howard H. Sharp was born in Camden, New Jersey in July of 1847 to Charles Sharp and his wife, the former Susan Stokes. The family was living in Camden's South Ward when the census was taken in 1860. Charles Sharp worked as a tailor. Besides Howard, the family included brothers Horace, John, Lewis, William, Ellis, Charles H., and Edward. 

Howard Sharp married Amanda Frances Powell in 1870. Howard Sharp worked as a laborer during his years with the Fire Department, he later worked as an engineer, a butcher, a salesman, an advertising agent, and in his last years as a special officer. 

Howard H. Sharp is listed in the 1878-1879 Camden City Directory at 454 Kaighn's Point (Kaighn) Avenue. By 1880 he had moved to 420 Sycamore Street. The 1881-1882 City Directory shows him living at 1128 Broadway. City Directories from 1882 through 1884 lists him at 338 Sycamore Street. The 1885 Directory has him at 271 Liberty Street. The Directories from 1887-1888 and 1888-1889 have him at 332 Sycamore Street. Howard H. Sharp was living at 280 Walnut Street in 1890. City Directories from 1893 through 1896 give Howard Sharp's address as 14 Bella Place. In 1897 he moved to Stockton, which would become East Camden in 1899. He made his home at 2620 Master Street, which was renamed Cramer Street after the unification of Stockton and Camden. Howard H. Sharp was still living there when the Census was taken in 1900. 

When the census was taken in 1900 Howard H. Sharp's wife Amanda were the parents of seven children, five of them, Arabella 'Bella", Ida May, Samuel, Susan, and Mary "Mamie" Sharp still living.

Howard H. Sharp had moved to 421 Liberty Street by 1906. He died of pneumonia at his home on October 11, 1906.

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Liberty Street

Philadelphia Inquirer * October 11, 1906