GEORGE W. KELLEY was appointed to the Camden Fire Department as a replacement extra man with the Hook and Ladder Company on November 29, 1877. He replace Frank Boardman. George Kelley served until April of 1879, when he was replaced in turn by Frank Turner.

Little is known as of this writing about George Kelley prior to 1870. He appears in the 1870 Census living in Camden's South Ward, with his wife Emily and children Mary E., Annie, John, and Adella. He worked as a house painter.

As stated above, George Kelley was appointed to the Camden Fire Department in November of 1877. He lived at 219 Royden Street during his time with the Fire Department.

The 1879-1880 City Directory lists George Kelley at 333 Hamilton Street, and that he was then a member of the Camden Police Department. Hamilton Street was renamed Berkley Street in 1882.

By the time the 1880 Census was taken, George and Emily Kelley had separated. George Kelly had gone back to work as a house painter, and was boarding at 430 South 3rd Street. He remained at that address through 1884. When the 1885 City Directory was compiled, George Kelley had moved to 438 South 3rd Street. George Kelley died not long afterwards.

Emily Kelly is listed in Camden City Directories beginning in 1887 as the widow of George W. Kelley. 

George W. Kelley was also survived by his son John S. Kelley, who worked for the railroad as a car cleaner and as a conductor. George W. Kelley was not related to the John S. Kelley who served with the Camden Fire Department as an extra man with Engine Company 1 for two years beginning in April of 1882.