BERNARDO "BEN" DOGANIERO founded the pharmacy business which has carried the family name in Camden for many years. The Doganiero family has a history in Camden that goes back to at least 1910.

Francisco "Frank" Doganiero and his wife Carmina (nee Mastrullo) were both born in Italy around 1870. The 1910 Census states that Carmina first came to America in 1893, and Francisco came in 1895. It appears that Carmina was with child when she arrived, as oldest son Antonio was born in Pennsylvania around 1893. The family went back to Italy, however, where daughters Jennie and Michela Margaret were born, the latter in Boiano, Campobasso, Italy. The Doganiero's would returned to the USA by 1905, when son Charles was born in New Jersey on January 5th of that year. 

When the Census was taken in 1910, the Doganiero family resided at 833-835 South 3rd Street in South Camden. Francisco Doganiero had established a grocery at 833 South 3rd Street, and had set up his son Antonio in a barber shop at 835 South 3rd Street. The Doganiero family would remain here for many years.

By 1920 Antonio Doganiero had married. His wife Gilda had bore three children by this time, Frank, Bernardo ("Bennie" on the Census Sheet), and Carmela. Dominic, Anna, Antonio Jr. and Robert would all arrive by 1930. Enrico would come after the April 1930 Census. At some point during the 1920s the family had moved to 274 Division Street. That would remain the family's address until 1957 when the widowed Gilda Doganiero moved to 3008 Mickle Street.

Bernardo Doganiero graduated from pharmacy school in Philadelphia in 1939. His brothers Frank, Dominic, and Enrico also would become pharmacists. 

On November 25, 1940 Bernardo S. Doganiero was inducted into the United States Army. He was one of the a group of seventeen, the first men from Camden to be drafted into the Army after the draft had been re-instituted. 

In 1943 Bernardo Doganiero married Anna Gramenzi, whose family lived nearby in the 300 block of Line Street. The Gramenzi family was and still is in the plumbing and heating business in Camden. By 1947 Ben Doganiero had trained as a pharmacist, and purchased Buono's Pharmacy at 626 South 4th Street, the corner of South 4th and Beckett Streets. They resided over the store until 1958, when they moved with their son Robert out of South Camden.  

Bernardo Doganiero remained in business at 626 South 4th Street until 1967, when he closed his store and with his brother Frank, who owned a pharmacy at South 3rd and Walnut Street, and brothers Dominic (who wrestled professionally as Doc Doganiero) and Enrico, opened a new pharmacy, Doganiero's Pharmacy Inc., at the corner of South 5th and Line Streets. This business would be short lived, however. Frank Doganiero returned to his shop at South 3rd and Walnut Street. Doganiero's Pharmacy Inc. was destroyed in the 1971 riot.  

Doganiero's Pharmacy soon reopened at a new location and in a different neighborhood. The new store was at 1552 Mount Ephraim Avenue, not far from West Jersey Hospital. In 1978 Bernardo's son Robert Doganiero would graduate from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia as a pharmacist. This school was his father and Uncle Enrico's alma mater. Daughter Jacqueline "Jackie" Doganiero went into teaching- she and her husband, fellow teacher John Minniti both retired from the Cinnaminson public school system. 

Around 2000 the Doganiero family business in Camden expanded with the purchase of the Bell Pharmacy, at the corner of Haddon Avenue and Kaighn Avenue

By 2005 a third generation of Doganiero's had become pharmacists, when granddaughter Jenna Doganiero graduated from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. Grandchildren Marian Minniti Morton and Anthony Minniti are also pharmacists working in the family businesses.  As of 2006 Anthony in also the current acting mayor of Cinnaminson.

In the summer of 2006 Bernardo and Anna Doganiero reside in Moorestown NJ, as does their son Robert, who still conduced business at Doganiero's Pharmacy on Mount Ephraim Avenue.

Bernardo Doganiero passed away at the age of 99 on May 18, 2016.

Camden Courier-Post *  November 26, 1940
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