A Postcard's Story Continues - The Collection

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  1. Another card from the famous cousin Theodore!

  1. 3 postcards from Ella’s brothers Karl and Sylvester and Sylvester’s wife Louiza.

Karl Kremo

Sylvester Kremo

Sylvester’s wife Louiza Kremo

(Deine schwägerin Louiza means your sister-in-law Louiza; also Louiza mentioned Sylvia and Selma, daughters of Sylvester).

  1. Francini Olloms – a juggler, acrobat and musician, performing with his page

Here is what I found in internet about Francini Olloms

San Francisco Call, Volume 106, Number 4, 4 June 1909 — EXCELLENT BILL GIVEN BY ORPHEUM THIS WEEK [ARTICLE]

  1. Alfred Petoletti

Here is information about Alfred Petoletti from Internet

Mr.Alfred Petoletti (Fred Petoletti) -- 1900-1977, the famous horse trainer of the Circus Carl Hagenbeck's 16 trakehners, was the son of Carl Hakansson Petoletti--1873-1947, high schoolrider and liberty horse trainer in the Circus Sidoli, Carl Hagenbeck, Krone, Henry, Orlando Henning etc.

etc.Fred Petoletti was in Bertram Mills 1920,Hagenbeck and Krone in the30's 40's years F.Hagenbeck in 1955 ,Williams 1956 - 62 and in the circo Americano 1963.

In the winter of 1960-1961, Fred Petoletti performed at the Cirque d'Hiver in Paris, where Circus Williams had contracted its animal acts. The lineup included the twenty-four Lipizzaner horses and a mixed group of horses, camels, and zebras presented by Fred Petoletti.





1961, Holland. Fred Petoletti presenting the 24 lipizans of Circus Williams.



Video: 1940 Zirkus Carl Hagenbeck

  1. French family of vaudeville performers Palmers: brothers Gaston and Justin and their sister Olive

Olive Palmer wrote 29 November 1904: “The next week Empire, Bristol”

Justin Palmer sent his postcard from Bristol in week after Olive’s postcard – 6 Dec 1904

Other postcards from Justin Palmer

Gaston Palmer

Although there is no surname of Gaston on this postcard, I supposed, that this postcard was written by Gaston Palmer, the famous French juggler, because I found a mention about Gaston Palmer in internet while searching Justin and Olive Palmer. After that I found a French juggler Olivier Caignart in facebook, who was interested in history of juggling, and he supported my thoughts with facts, which are below.

This photo of Gaston Palmer with his autograph and his family tree were sent by Olivier Caignart.

Also Olivier sent me the translation of the article about Gaston Palmer from French, which is in another file.

We can see from this family tree that Gaston, Justin and Olive Palmers were siblings!

The famous trick of Gaston Palmer

The photo from Olivier Caignart’s exhibition about juggling

The photo from Olivier Caignart’s exhibition about juggling


Several video with Gaston Palmer

  1. Other postcards from unknown persons

Siems – Could it be Margarethe Siems (a German operatic soprano and voice teacher)? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margarethe_Siems

 a friend Sophie Klai (or Klas). I think there are 3 postcards from the same person - Sophie

A friend Mary

A friend Elsa M.

A friend Buzie

Jas. M. Cameron

Without signature

G.E.P. Lomase?

There are 3 postcards which were in this collection but they were not to Ella

This postcard 1878 year!

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